Fanzines by Teal Triggs

Errors In The Book

This section will be used to document the factual errors found in the book. For now, I'm going to post a short list of examples, and I will update more in depth when I have some spare time. If you've found factual errors in the book and you'd like them to be noted, please email with a quote from the book as well as the page number, then the correct information.

Zine Making - a zine made in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada is credited as having been made in Halifax, UK; Our Hero, a Canadian tv show is credited as being American, even though the Canada government logo is clearly visible in Teal's screencap; she claims that Culture Slut was started in 2007 when it was 2004, then credits it to the wrong name; she quotes from Amber Forrester's blog without crediting it; many paper zines are listed as e-zines simply because the author also has a website or blog; she credits Calvin Johnson with organizing The International Pop Underground Festival when it was actually Candice Pederson... These are just off the top of my head and I haven't even read the bulk of the book yet. The number of factual errors is incredible. What's worse is that if she'd simply asked for permission beforehand, and done some fact-checking, most of these errors could have been avoided.

Some of the copyrights she breached are ridiculous, like printing the cover from an issue of Zine World that specifically said "not to be reproduced in a for-profit publication". But beyond copyright issues, I'm more insulted by her complete lack of respect - countless zinesters were not notified of their inclusion in the book until after it went to press, and she has been refusing to answer emails where we question her about it. The book is a total embarrassment. In compiling a list of zines contained within, and it's sad to continuously come across work by my friends and acquaintances, some of whom STILL don't know about it. One friend only found out she was in the book a few weeks ago as she was flipping through it in a bookstore. She's prefaced all her emails with something about "establishing the importance of self-publishing". If she thinks it's so important, why was she so sneaky when compiling the book in the first place?

The book is an absolute mess, seemingly created for the sole purpose of cashing in on the current trend of 90s nostalgia. It's being sold at Urban Outfitters and ModCloth for goodness' sake. I don't want to be a part of it and I refuse to be flattered.