Fanzines by Teal Triggs

Just say no.

Fanzines was published by Thames & Hudson and released Autumn 2010. It features numerous essays that were written by Teal Triggs, which are accompanied by images of zines spanning several decades. She calls herself an avid collector.

Unfortunately, a great deal of the artwork contained within was included without the permission of the original artists, and in some cases, mis-credited or not credited at all. Teal herself has refused to answer many of the emails sent to her in regards to this matter, and has ignored calls for apologies and / or compensation.

To make matters worse, much of the information provided in her essays is blatantly untrue. 

This website exists to inform people of the author's appropriation of zines that were created in the DIY spirit and will serve to keep those interested updated on the matter. Please check out the links to the left.

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